Turkey Trot 3D Model


Actual Scale: 6″ x 6.1″ x



Inspired by the historic log cabins of our ancestors, Winterwoods homes antique cabin designs are designed to be simple, yet comfortable, vacation retreats. These designs breath new life into antique cabin designs. These smaller cabins provide the ideal relaxing getaway beside the lake or in the mountains. Beautifully constructed from reclaimed logs these cabin designs are built for durability and low maintenance.

  • This main level living log home design embraces you with:
  • hand-hewn antique logs
  • kitchen
  • a spacious open living room
  • stone fireplace
  • bath
  • large sleeping loft

Actual Scale: 6″ x 6.1″ x 4″


The purchaser should contact the local building authorities to ensure that the home plans comply with all applicable building codes and are suitable for a particular site, including any subdivision restrictions, before actual construction begins. Because we have no control over local building ordinances, the selection of your builder, or other professionals, we cannot be responsible for the advice or assistance you receive from them or for the methods they use. The purchase of a set of home plans in no way transfers any copyright or other ownership interest in it to the buyer except for a limited license to use that set of home plans for the construction of one dwelling. The purchase of additional sets of that home plan at a reduced price from the original set or as part of a multiple set package does not convey to the buyer a license to construct more than one dwelling.

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