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The Dream Deck

Here at Winterwoods Homes, we have a passion for design. You can see that passion in our large timber frame cabin plans, our small history-inspired cabin designs, and our more modern productions.

So what makes the dream deck? Well, it’s never just one thing. In our experience, it could be any and all of the following:

The View

The view may be the first thing you want to consider when designing a deck. After all, if you’re going to spend hours on end basking in the glory of the world around you, you may as well take advantage of the natural sites and splendors that surround your abode. It’s always best to work in situ (or within the site) and adapt your home design to meet your surroundings. More about that next…


Working In Situ

Consider the landscape upon which you are placing your home. If you have a sloping landscape, your deck can be built to cantilever over the landscape, providing you with a full view of the expanse of foliage that pours out beyond the confines of your deck. Or, if you prefer, you can build multiple levels of decking that cascade down the slope of your landscape.

Keep in mind that trees and other natural features can frame your view or block it, and plan accordingly. Take advantage of your landscape as best you can! If you have a big boulder that’d provide great seating for guests, don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your landscape design. If you have a magnificent tree that shoots up right where you’d like your deck to sit, build your deck around that tree, don’t lop it down. You can make an existing tree and integral part of beauty of your deck. Just be sure to give the tree plenty of room to grow over the years.


If you’re a fan of foliage, you can bring the landscape into your deck with planters and pots. Incorporate a planter into your decks fencing structure or seating area to give yourself further integration with nature.


A deck just isn’t complete without plenty of space to lounge around. You can incorporate built-in seating into your deck if you’re looking for a permanent seating solution, or you can simply leave yourself plenty of room to post up a few patio chairs. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to sort out seating and dining space as you dig into your deck design.


If you’re the ultimate outdoor chef, you’ll need the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Build in a grill, marble countertops, cabinets, a cooler… you name it. If you’re a fan of classic cooking techniques, tack a wood-fired oven to your open-air kitchen design, and don’t forget to build in space to store your hand-selected cherry and hickory woods. Don’t forget, if you’re going to be cooking outdoors, you’ll want to include outdoor dining space to cater to guests as well. Oh, and speaking of hosting, don’t forget an outdoor bar. And since you have everything else, you might as well throw in the kitchen sink. The possibilities are endless for us grillmasters, entertainers, and outdoor cooks.


You want privacy in your outdoor oasis. After all, it’s yours, not your neighbors. Tack on a trellis and plant vines to give your patio a natural privacy fence. Or go with a slatted cedar fence to make your space bright and warm, yet cozy and intimate. Don’t forget, you can use trees and shrubs too, they’re nature’s privacy fence. You can make your deck a getaway without sacrificing sunlight or aesthetic.

Other Amenities

Are you a green thumb? Build a greenhouse. Looking for elegance and grandeur? Go gazebo. Like to lounge? Hang up a hammock. Seeking the spa experience? Add an in-ground hot tub. Game fanatic? Build in a chess table… or a backgammon board, if you prefer. Again, the boundaries are limitless, so build a deck with an inspired design!

Winterwoods Homes Design

Here at Winterwoods Homes, design is our passion. We bring that passion to each cabin design, each detail, and, of course, every deck. Take a look at our Balsam Mountain collection, or our Cabin Creek collection for some of our best deck designs, or heck, check out our whole cabin design collection. Take note, we provide custom cabin design work, and we can modify our current cabin plans to meet your unique needs, including deck designs.