Virtual Design

Perhaps you’ve looked through our designs and thought “I really love this plan but, I have something just slightly different in mind.”

Our team of architectural design experts have the creativity, skill and experience necessary to bring your design to life. Let Winterwoods Homes help you create the home you’ve always wanted.

How it works:

1. Go to our Online Store and choose a home plan, then purchase the Design Development Set.  We will then send you a preliminary design Planning Set which includes:

-Preliminary computer aided-design drawings (CADs)
-Initial Floor Plan
-2D Exterior Elevations

2. Review your design Planning Set and create a list of customizations
(i.e. 4 bedrooms instead of 3, larger kitchen, etc.)

3. Buy your Virtual/Custom Design session(s) for $350 per hour.

Design session with your cabin architect at Winterwoods Homes

Following your purchase:

• Winterwoods Homes will contact you to schedule your Virtual/Custom Design session, which may be conducted through a “live” online meeting, or via phone.
• We will ask that you email your desired customizations to us a day or so before the Virtual/Custom Design meeting so that we may review them in preparation for the design session. This will allow us to make the most of your design session.
• In the Virtual/Custom Design meeting, you will work directly one-on-one with a Winterwoods Homes’ designer to customize your floor plan.
• After the design session Winterwoods Homes will email you a revised digital design file.

Make a Winterwoods Homes’ design truly unique to you. Customize your selected plan with a Virtual/Custom Design Session. Winterwoods Homes’ virtual/custom design sessions require no travel time or travel expenses. You can meet with a designer and customize your home plan from the convenience of your own home!

Still have questions? Call 434-361-1212 to speak with our design team immediately!